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Soccer Player

With SGV we succeeded!

Dragomir Marian Mirel

I loved football as a child and dreamed of a career. I trained every day and I really wanted to play professionally! SGV gave me this chance and helped me fulfill my dream!

- The first step in a journey that will
help you reach your dreams and potential

Football Training on Astroturf

SGV offers you a complete package, which represents you, supports you and gives you access to the best clubs for you!


We offer you  Support

SGV offers you medical and sports support, so that you can reach your potential as soon as possible and excel! We have a team of nutritionists, doctors and coaches who value you!

Guaranteed  Protection

SGV guarantees you legal protection, thus preventing any risks and protecting your interests, as well as in the event of any litigation that may affect you! At the same time, you also benefit from medical insurance in case of an injury that could affect your health or sports performance.

Visibility  and  Perspective

We are constantly up to date with the world of sports and the latest news. We know the market, we know the clubs and the needs of the teams. For this reason, we are always ready to represent your interests and take you as high as possible!


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